Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Reminder Advertising

Reminder advertising is a common strategy used to counteract consumer forgetfulness.

We are surrounded by diversions, responsibilities, and calls to try the latest new things

Even when it comes to the most important considerations, reminders are still needed.

This Young & Rubicam public service advertisement appeared in 1945, as the war in the Pacific was coming to an end. At home, Americans were looking to the future, yet there were struggles to be concluded.

The copy reads:

Well, God here we are. 

You up there. Me down here, with a burning sun, a mess of insects, too much ocean, and other buddies as lonely as me. 

Oh God, how nice it must be back home, with Germany licked, and the folks humming, and some of the boys all finished with the fighting. 

But I guess that wasn't meant for me, was it? And tomorrow and tomorrow I will still be dodging bullets, still feeling lost in the middle of the night. 

Well no hard feelings. 

I will go wherever You say, and do whatever You want me to. For You know what is best for me. 

But say, if you can only get the people back home to remember me, maybe they'll still bear down. Maybe they'll still send us their blood, still stay on the job, still send us the stuff we need. 

You see God, I'd like to get home, too.

In 1945, this advertisement reminded the nation that soldiers were still at war, needing continuing support. This remains a relevant message even today.

Now, what makes for better advertising when it comes to mobilizing a nation?

This 1943 Young & Rubicam public service advertisement drew upon the advice of Elmer Davis, former correspondent for CBS Radio, who served as the Director of the Office of War Information during WWII.

Davis said better advertising should be based upon information, inspiration, and immediacy.

That is great advice in any era for any advertising.

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