Monday, April 19, 2010

Cadbury is "In Da Mix!"

The ante is up in advertising. Ideas have to become part of the cultural conversation. Advertising has to go viral.

But often the quest for "viralness" can kiss the product goodbye.

The product should always be the hero -- the center of attention.

So the reach of a viral should be discounted by the extent to which it suboptimizes the product story to borrow attention by other means.

Cadbury's latest work shows how to keep the product story up front. It uses the metaphor of the "Turntable Mixologist" (a club DJ) with his "wheels of steel" to remind us of the unique mix of chocolate and milk.

This commercial may not reach the audience levels of some of the more stunt-like virals, yet its product message is clear.

It is a lesson in persuasive mixology, contemporary culture blended with the product story.

The work was done by Fallon in London.

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