Sunday, August 15, 2010

Verizon "Rules" with New Commercial

The high ground for the telephone (telecommunications) business has from the earliest days been the concept of “universal service.” This means connecting everyone wherever they are, regardless of congestion or remoteness.

Since the breakup of the AT&T monopoly in 1984, one of the independent companies created at that time has remained truest to the core value of “universal service.”

Verizon's recent commercial, called “Stage,” transforms the corporate strategic concept “universal service” into a statement of the customers’ personal empowerment.

The commercial is remarkable because it demonstrates effective use of the concept of USP (unique selling proposition). USP claims move the marketplace only to the extent they relate to real consumer concerns.

In this commercial, Verizon tells a story recognizing that your connection is your lifeline. It must be "universal" in the fullest sense, everywhere and every time, without a doubt.

Verizon has put the “you” in USP. The commercial is a powerful example of the effective alignment of corporate strategy, communication strategy, and creative execution.

The line “rule the air,” the check mark use of the Verizon logo, the building music and imagery, and the immediacy of the voice… there is not a false moment in this commercial.

This work is brilliant.

BTW, all my students know I highly recommend reading the book Reality in Advertising by Rosser Reeves.  Rosser Reeves was the original articulator of the USP concept. His book was written in 1960, but remains one of the most useful books ever written on advertising thinking.

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