Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Avatar and Cultural Conversation

Buzz is building on AVATAR, James Cameron's 3-D epic spectacular opening on December 18.

To accelerate this buzz, Cameron has reinvented the very concept of the movie trailer. It is a desktop application you download to your computer. The trailer is dynamic, with multiple "hot links" bridging moments and characters in the trailer to expanded features.

AVATAR appears poised to become a popular culture phenomenon. Here's a quick look at a small portion of the trailer.

Here's where you download the AVATAR desktop application. It is an easy download and works brilliantly on my iMac.

This desktop application approach gives you much more than a seductive introduction to the movie. You can easily, as I did, buy tickets to the movie. But, the wide range of connectivity to news and social network services can establish an enduring relationship to the cultural conversation about this film.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Social Media Map

I spoke to the Edina Chamber of Commerce today about the growth of social media services and how businesses can successfully participate.

Here's one of my 20 slides. It shows my condensed typology for thinking about the dynamics of communication in the public sphere.

Conversations among consumers, stakeholders, and members of the general public have always been the forum where people make decisions about the products they buy, the policies they will support, and the life choices they make.

Now, the new social media have accelerated the dynamics. It is an exciting time to be in the communication business and many business opportunities present themselves.

Copyright © 2009 by John Eighmey. All Rights Reserved.