Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Time Flies Solo

The magic of the best advertising creative people is they condense complex brands to simple highly motivating expressions, revealing their essential memes.

This coming Monday, Time Magazine and its sister publications are to be set free from Time-Warner. These once industry leading publications have become a seemingly unsolvable management puzzle. What is their role in the modern media scene?

In 1983, at Young & Rubicam New York, writer Dick Olmstead and art director Bob Czernysz had the answer.

The precise insights of Dick Olmstead unite with Bob Czernysz' visuals of people transported by the act of reading Time.

Time flies and you are there,
Time cries and let's you care.

You understand the world we share,
Yes, Time brings you closer to living.

Time puts events in sharper view,
Time brings it all right home to you.

Each week Time Magazine takes you beyond the news,
to help you make sense of it all.

Throughout your world, throughout your land,
Time puts it all right in your hand.

Read Time and understand.

The outcome of the Olmstead-Czernysz creative partnership was one of the most powerful magazine circulation campaigns of all time. The work won two Gold Awards at the 1983 One Show in New York City.

The active synergy between the precise language and perfectly selected imagery of people absorbed in the act of reading brings about a realization about what a magazine can mean to its audience. To date, no one has better expressed the meaning of magazine content.

The technology of the media may change, but the human response to useful information remains the same.

  Copyright © 2014 by John Eighmey. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Wow, memory lane. I do remember that great commercial. It was on Y&R's reel when I joined the agency in 1983. It doesn't seem like that long ago, right?

    1. I am pretty sure it was only yesterday.