Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Patriotism and the Selling Proposition

It was reported in USA Today that a recent national survey discovered, when it comes to for-profit brands, Jeep is seen as the most strongly associated with “patriotism.”

Brands generally want to be heroic. They do so by solving consumer problems. They get out the deep down dirt, are easier to use, get us there more quickly, provide us with greater enjoyment.

But Jeep has a claim to something more.

Interestingly, the illustration in this 1943 Willys ad is of the defense of Stalingrad by Russian soldiers. Russia, one of the allied countries, had been provided with Jeeps by the American government.

Stalingrad is said to be one of the bloodiest battles in history. The Jeep advertising copy calls the defense of Stalingrad “an example of love of country” and credits the truck in aiding the heroic efforts of the Russian people defending their country from German attacks.

Certainly WWII imagery and nationalism play a role in Jeep's brand reputation. But, the overall consumer take-away has to be that Jeep is a tough, problem-solving truck. That’s the selling proposition.

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