Monday, July 1, 2013

Celebrate to Sell

The Fourth of July is America's great national holiday to celebrate independent thinking.

Historically, the British were the counter-cultural force. Their red-coated soldiers came trampling all over, and King George tried to tax our tea.

But wait, what if some other nation had arrived on our shores?  Would America be the same?

Fiat has shown us what a revolutionary car commercial can be.  

It begins with the expected overly dramatic music and the cry “The British are coming.”

But, a second look reveals red cars not red-coats. The music becomes T. Rex’s rock anthem Children of the Revolution and the residents of Old Salem discover a revolution of another kind.

America’s future becomes cappuccino not tea, clubs not pubs, fashion not costumes.

This commercial celebrates to sell.

For more on the psychology of advertising please see, Patriotism and the Selling Proposition.

    Copyright © 2013 by John Eighmey. All Rights Reserved.

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