Friday, May 21, 2010

Nike Scores with Soccer Commercial

The latest Nike commercial about soccer is more than meets the eye.

Of course it has wonderful visualization, music and editing. Of course it features the biggest stars in the sport. Of course it shows the performance value of Nike.

Its depth comes from a complex celebration of sports and human spirit. Each athlete's actions explode across the universe to ignite responses from passionate fans. What is new is that adulation is viewed with amusement by the athletes.

In this commercial, sweat, stamina and super human effort stand aside for the exaggerated self-depreciating visions of the athletes.

From an advertising theory perspective, this commercial demonstrates the concept of "attitude toward the ad."

We like the athletic action, and the athletes' humorous visions give a human perspective to our adulation.

As a result, we appreciate the advertising and we like Nike.

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