Monday, January 26, 2009

Power in Icons

The latest work for Coca-Cola is brilliant.

Basically, it's Rorschach meets Pavlov.

The spot takes the risk to be dramatically different, and pays it off with a brand insistent story that reinforces the iconic symbols of the brand.

Here's the spot. How many times do you see iconic Coca-Cola symbols? Let me know.

The spot was done by Weiden+Kennedy, the agency based in Portland.

Copyright © 2009 by John Eighmey. All Rights Reserved.


  1. This is fantastic. It takes the sights and sounds of everything we all grew up with, understand, and have experienced and made it fresh.

    It's great also to get a bit of a different feeling from the spot--it heightened the drama but was still recognizable as the brand that brings happiness. Thanks for the share!

  2. Lovely ad! It certainly heightens your desire for a Coke (and I'm not even a Coke drinker.)

    It's nice to see a brand embracing their own signs and symbols instead of trying to reinvent.

  3. TY for a powerful observation. Pepsi keeps redecorating, that's an issue.

  4. It's interesting that Coke took a completely different approach from their typical emotional benefit approach and decided to go for the deprivation/physical benefit strategy.

    I think this may help in shaking their approach to advertising a bit.

    This definitely makes the audience pause a second and have an "ah ha" moment. It certainly follows Eighmey's rule of advertising... it is different than the usual Coke ads or any other soft drink ad that has been done thus it is definitely seen!