Friday, January 16, 2015

Psychology of Advertising - Year Seven

Welcome to the 7th year of my blog on the Psychology of Advertising. My first posts were made in January, 2009. The objective remains to provide conceptual observations about current events in advertising and point out helpful sources for thinking about advertising.

I began this blog when I was teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in the Psychology of Advertising at the University of Minnesota. This course has a long tradition at the University of Minnesota.  In the 1890s , Harlow Gale, then a faculty member in the Philosophy Department at the University of Minnesota, taught a seminar he called Psychology of Advertising. Today, Gale is acknowledged as the first person to conduct scientific studies of the effects of advertising.

People everywhere like to study advertising, and so this blog is meant for anyone interested in advertising. Indeed, since January of 2009 , over 52,000 people in 135 countries have read one or more of my 210 postings.

My most widely read post concerns the "Strategic Power of the Theory of Trying." This post is now one of the most widely read resources on the Web concerning the Theory of Trying. You can easily find it by searching the Web for Theory of Trying or by looking for my post made on August 17, 2010. Please see the listing My Virtual Textbook on the right-hand column of this page for an index of all my posts.

The remaining top ten posts are:

2.  Why People Like Advertising - February 17, 2010
3. Thoughts, Feeling and Action - April 19, 2011
4. The Discipline of Account Planning - August 22, 2013
5. Advertising and American Core Values - September 1, 2013
6. Celebrate to Sell - July 1, 2013
7. Strategic Power of the Theory of Planned Behavior - March 7, 2013
8. Advertising and Energy- June 4, 2013
9. MNsure Shows Way to Effective Healthcare Advertising - August 20, 2013
10. Brand Persona as Constant Friend - December 17, 2013

In 2015, I am looking forward to continuing my posts reflecting on the latest worldwide happenings in advertising and placing them in useful conceptual perspectives.  

Welcome to Psychology of Advertising.

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