Friday, January 30, 2015

Mexican Avocados Lead 2015 Super Bowl Advertising Sweepstakes

The Aztecs are said to have whipped up the first batch of guacamole. Now, it is the super food of the Super Bowl.

Indeed, annual avocado sales in the United States now total over $3 billion. 

And, since Mexican avocados have a 60 percent share of the USA avocado market, clearly their marketing group can afford $4.5 million for a Super Bowl commercial.

This story of the first ever professional football draft appears to take place in a stadium on an ancient Aztec beach.

Following the obvious and sensible draft pick by Australia, we are left to wonder about each of the picks that follow. The choices and pacing are admirable. We are drawn into this extended joke and invited to think.

This gives Mexico the perfect set-up to explain the virtues of the the avocado from Mexico. We learn rich volcanic soil and a perfect climate make their avocados the ideal year-round snack.

There are no cheap, childish jokes to distract from the brand message. The slap-stick is clever, setting up the brand message. 

This commercial is both strategically and creatively smart. Let's see if another spot comes along this Sunday, for now this is the one to beat.

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