Tuesday, June 11, 2013

An Adventure in American History and Advertising

Advertising is a compelling window on the economy and society of any nation. You can see this for yourself in my exhibit of admirable print ads in America since 1890. 

Using Pinterest, I've organized close to 400 print ads with a "board" for each of 13 decades. Each decade begins with a brief narrative about the economy, technology, and society. 

For example, the narrative for the 2010 decade is, "Concerns about climate and the environment continue in the midst of ongoing loss of economic opportunity and the apparent disfunctionality of politics and government."

The first of the 30 advertisements for the 2010 decade is from Kaiser Permanente. It speaks to the fact that 50 percent of Americans without health care are people of color.

Read the narrative for each of the thirteen boards, and see how the 30 ads for each decade inform you about the direction of the times.

Here's the link to AdmirableAds  where you can begin your adventure in American history and advertising.

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