Monday, June 3, 2013

Advertising is Magic Intersection

At its best, advertising is the magical intersection of art and commerce. 

This is wonderfully demonstrated by Amtrak advertising in the late 1980s. You will recognize the voices of singer Richie Havens and actress Colleen Dewhurst.

Appreciate how the copy, visualization, musical score, and vocal performance move you in this commercial from 1986.

As the commercial tells us… it is the way we see, the way we feel, the way we look out on life.

Great advertising finds that magical intersection of our individual lives with something that is much larger.

The artistry in this 1989 commercial embraces the traveler, and everyone who made that travel possible, to celebrate their membership in the grand experience that is America.

Advertising is grand and powerful when helps us recognize critical intersections in our lives, choices we can make, pathways we can pursue, to lead richer, fuller lives.

This is the magic of advertising.

For more on the psychology of advertising, please see Diversity and Communication Power.

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