Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Advertising and Energy

Being at the beach means more than enjoying the surf, sand and sun.

Today, just as with anything we do, it means continuous conversations using our phones. 

There’s a lot of energy at the beach, but what do you do when your phone runs out of it?

See how Nivea has grabbed the energy of the sun, put it in the hands of beach goers, and in so doing placed their sunscreen products in the middle of a summer of fun.

The video shows you how Nivea employed the magazine Veja Rio to deliver their sunscreen products ad featuring a wafer-thin solar panel powering a phone plug. 

Advertising is all about placing your brand at the center of the cultural conversation. Clearly, Nivea shines with its expertise on how to enjoy the benefits of the sun.

For more on how psychological theory informs thinking about advertising, please see Apperception and Opt In Advertising and the many other posts in this comprehensive review of the Psychology of Advertising.

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