Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Image and Influence

One of the longest standing concepts in advertising is the distinction between hard sell (or argumentative) copy and soft sell (or imagery). 

In many ways this is a false distinction when it comes to potential for impact.  Imagery, even what may seem to some to be merely charming entertainment absent a literal argument (or elaboration as some call it), may nevertheless rise to the highest levels of influence.

Here’s a recent public service commercial that draws upon the holidays for its advertising idea.

This PSA was placed on YouTube in early November, 2010, and has garnered about a half a million views to date.  

Although charming and entertaining in its approach, the spot asks for the order in a powerful way. It is idea driven – home for the holidays – with a strong call to action – no more homeless pets.

Best Friends Animal Society is based in Kanab, Utah.  From this seemly remote location this organization has exerted influence on how animals are treated with greater care throughout the United States.  This PSA is just one part of the organization’s strategic approach.

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