Friday, September 17, 2010

That's Some Strong Creativity

One's "book" or portfolio is everything for a creative person.  For beginners, it is particularly important to demonstrate your promise.

One approach is to break free from existing brands and create your own product in an environment free from expectations or convention.

This "commercial" is a demonstration of directing talent by the model maker, sculptor and animatronic designer John Nolan.  Hence the brand name for the cheese.

Were this a commercial for a real brand of cheese, one might leave out the middle song. Yet, as a demonstration piece, we really see John Nolan's gift for vivid creative expression and his animatronic talent.   

Despite the middle scene, the work leaves you wanting the brand.  That's some strong cheddar!

Good work on the package design, too.

You can learn more about Nolan and his work at John Nolan Films.

Many thanks go to Marv Waldman - creative genius - for showing me this work.

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