Thursday, September 2, 2010

Audience Augmentation of Brand Value

Strategically, advertising should be premised on a clear idea of the competitive frame and exactly what information is needed to advise consumers on how the choice is to be made.

When you are confident of the strategic considerations, then you are ready to tell the story emphatically and surprisingly quickly.

Admirable work, but this is really not a "commercial." It was not created, produced and placed by the featured brand. Rather, it is user generated media content created by Bill Day and posted on YouTube.

The work demonstrates how, in today's media environment, unanticipated voices in the marketplace can augment brand value and demonstrate the principles of effective strategic communication.

Those familiar with the original 1984 Macintosh commercial will see irony in the twist.  For those not familiar with that commercial, it is nevertheless the human metaphor of the lone voice standing up to suppression that gives communicative power to the piece.  In his re-use of the old commercial, the maker demonstrates some key principles.

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