Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Emotion in Advertising

Emotion is the current topic in my Psychology of Advertising course. When it comes to feelings and advertising, the audience knows what is real and relevant.

Here's a key frame from a classic Johnson & Johnson commercial.

The idea for the commercial was to film that most emotional moment when babies are first handed to their mothers in their hospital rooms.

That's the emotion. The strategic purpose of the commercial is to position certain J&J products and, importantly, to communicate the core values of the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Credo.

The commercial invites you to become part of the J&J family. It was done by Y&R New York. A classic, it ran in the early 1980s.

Claire Dalton commented on the J&J work (please see her comments below) and recommended a new Gerber commercial for it's similar strengths. Many thanks go to Claire for pointing out this spot!

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  1. There's a GREAT Gerber commercial out that I absolutely love that actually managed to start my internal baby clock, and it definitely follows this same exact strategy. It shows couples making pledges for their children, and it makes me tear up every time. It's for their Start Healthy, Stay Healthy campaign and I just think it's brilliant:

    Website is also fantastic- provides value beyond the products: