Monday, November 24, 2014

Big Game Advertising

Pepsi has just released a video hyping its sponsorship of the 2015 "big game" halftime show.

Katie Perry is to be the featured performer. In Pepsi's video, Katie takes us on a tour of possible creative directions for her show. Glitter, unicorns, dancers, drummers, kittens... all are possibilities she considers and rejects.

Advertising sales for the 2015 "big game" appear to be running behind the usual curve. The rate for a single 30-second commercial is $4.5 million. This is 12 percent more than the 2014 rate.

Given these costs, Pepsi is smart to begin promoting its halftime show now, two months and a week before the game.

Indeed, fewer "big game" advertisers are waiting to debut their commercials on game day. They see earlier engagement as a way to maximize the return on their investment.

With increasing commercial costs, rising public concern about violence, and the challenges of creating content that will satisfy audience expectations, there may be something to that jumping shark visual after all.

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