Thursday, August 12, 2010

Understanding "Sustainable Social Action"™

In yesterday’s post I wrote about the fundamentals for understanding the changing relationship between everyday communication and commercial speech.

The concept of “social currency” is at the center when it comes to understanding how people act. What we choose to do is basically “all about me” and then it really isn’t.

The overarching driver in human action is how we act to support the welfare of others. On one level this could be said to be altruistic behavior, and on another it can be seen as self-interested action taken to maintain our social standing. This is the basis of dynamic and sustainable social action.

For a more complete understanding of my typology of human goals, placed in a data-driven analysis of the views of the youth population in the United States read “Why do youth enlist? Identification of Underlying Themes” in Armed Forces & Society, 2006. This article explains the reasoning leading to my "Theory of Sustainable Social Action."™

Much of the content of today’s commercial speech assumes people choose products on the basis of an “all about me” outlook. That’s the fundamental mistake that has led many businesses down the path to price-based competitive ruin.

My typology and theory are essential to understanding effective strategic communication. They are foundational for thinking strategically about core values and communication strategy for brands, organizations, social causes and political campaigns.

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