Monday, February 4, 2013

Ad Meter Outcome Less Than Clear

This morning, USA Today reports that Budweiser has returned to the top of it's Super Bowl Ad Meter ratings. The "Brotherhood" Clydesdale commercial scored a 7.76 (out of 10).

The "Miracle Stain" commercial for Tide was second with a 7.75 score. In fact, you could say that Budweiser and Tide tied at the top since there is no statistical difference between these two scores.

Chrysler's Dodge Ram "So God Made a Farmer" commercial came in third with a 7.43 score.

This is the first time since 1989, which was the first year of the Ad Meter, that the winning commercial did not score over 8.

It is worth noting that USA Today completely changed the nature of its polling procedures this year. Instead of it's traditional in-theater tests with quota samples of the viewing population, the newspaper opted for a social media approach that invited everyone to participate.

The poll began taking votes at noon before the game. The newspaper reported that 55,000 votes were cast by 2,500 people three hours before the game even started. Indeed, about one-third of the 7,500 total participants appear to have voted before the game. Clearly, study participants were allowed to vote more once. So, what this poll means is even less clear than previous years.

In my view, the Dodge Ram commercial won the day. So, I'm really not arguing about the overall Ad Meter outcome all that much. I really thought the Tide commercial was "spot on" too.

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